Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The calm before the storm

Three hungry horses

Hurricane Sandy is possibly heading up the Atlantic Coast. I'm hoping it will head out to sea. I've had enough stress for now: the barn disaster, building a ramp to get the horses inside, an earthquake, automobile woes, and now a storm with high winds. Enough already!

The horses all look so good this fall. I'm pleased with their condition and the weight they've put on heading into winter. Look at that fuzzy guy on the left! Do you think he gets enough to eat? And the girls are looking so much better than they did one year ago when they arrived, skinny and with dry coats. I know outdoor living agrees with Rolex Girl. She can't stand to be cooped up in her stall--she just wants to go have fun. Ruffy, such a sweet girl, will patiently stand forever while you groom her, eating up all the attention.

Happy girls, one year later, and buddy Harley

With the short days, I don't have time to get in a ride before or after work. It's a mad dash to the barn just as the sun is beginning to clear the horizon. And by the time I get off work, it's another dash to the barn so I can at least groom them in daylight. Until we have power restored in the barn, I feel like I'm in the last century, lighting lamps to get feed, clean stalls, etc. We've had a nice stretch of good weather that allowed the horses to stay out 24/7, but we've got rain headed our way by the early part of the week. Sorry Rolex, you might have to be inside for a couple of nights until the storm blows by.

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