Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What Thoroughbreds do best....

RUN! And there off...in the first race at Pete's Pony Palace. Looks like a dead heat to the end of the fence line, but wait....
Live Merry-Go-Round
Here's Halawa Moon, followed closely by Rolex Girl, but wait, there's an upset, Rough & Ready (This Chic's Got It) is making a move in the wrong direction! So who's winning this race?

And after an exhausting morning workout, what's next? Well how about some hay, guys?
They all went back down the hill and grazed while I mucked stalls. Ah, the life of an ex-racehorse.


  1. How adorable is that?? Everyone wearing their winter dresses!!? There is life all around you! It may be cold but your 2012 is looking pretty darn good. I do beleive my mood improved a few notches after looking at these snapshots!

  2. beautiful! boy do I have some reading- catching up to do on your blog. best wishes!


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