Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back in the saddle at last

After 2 weeks of miserable weather and icy footing, we finally got back in the saddles again. Harley was happy to have Rolex along to keep the scary things at bay. She's so steady for an off the track, almost-5 year old. She and Harley took turns leading, although she does a much better job! The trails are still covered in ice and crusty snow, so it was a long road walk today.

photo from Voodoo Creations website
After a recent nearby accident with a car and rider, I'm a bit twitchy about the way people drive around horses. It seems they have no idea what could happen if the horse spooked and jumped into the road. And it's not because they're texting or talking on a phone--they just assume I'm in total control of a 1000-pound animal, the size of a moose. And we do have a horses caution sign on the road near the barn. Fortunately, when both Harley and Roley spooked at birds flying up out of the bushes, a horse owner happened to be behind us and understood the importance of approaching horses slowly.
Voodoo Creations offers a variety of safety vests, some with a more polite British tone than the one pictured. But this one states what I'm really feeling--slow down! These may become necessary as people become more lackadaisical driving past horses, and forget what their state's driver's manual says about approaching horses on roadways. I did have to laugh at a lawyer's website discussing road rules for drivers and riders.  It stated that riders should clean up after their horses. I'd have to have a pack full of garbage bags on every ride! The scarier the environment, the more bags I'd need. Oh, and my packable avalanche shovel? What's this person thinking? Has anyone out there stopped to scoop your horse's poop off the roadway? Hey, it's free fertilizer--my horses are chemical free!

We got back to the barn while the sun was still high enough on the horizon for John to jump on Ruffy for a short road ride. I walked out Harley, spoiled him with carrots, got dinner dished out for the gang, and had a cup of coffee from the thermos.
Help, my cooler is choking me! The peril of petite ears.


  1. Glad you are back riding! That Rolex is a good girl calming her big brother.

    I have to go back in my Mini and pick up the droppings off the roadway! I am not kidding. It is so suburban here. Also, in Florida we would go back and pick up if there was an "accident" on the way to the park. The park was an equestrian one, so no pick up there, thank goodness!

  2. We are having some good riding weather too...and the ring is also clear which is real nice. I hear you on the cars and horses. This is why I like to stick to the trails and not ride along the road at all. One time my friend Christine and I were on a dirt road that was closed to thru traffic (residents only) on our way to our usual trail head and this guy came blasting up behind us on our horses! It was very rude and just as we turned around to see what the hell was going on, he HONKED!!!!! Can you imagine???? So, after that I feel VERY IRRITATED and as he went by I opened my mouth to say, "HEY, MAN! That is NOT OK!" but do you know he sped off so fast that I never got the chance?? Christine and I were truly dumbfounded. Because not only was the man rude, he was dangerous! I know where he lives and I have since learned he is a New Yorker who lives here part time. IT FIGURES!!!!! hee hee to the lawyer who is very out of touch with riders and horses!


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