Sunday, January 22, 2012

Too cold to ride...but not for long lining!

Four below zero this morning. Winter is finally here in earnest, so the shoes need to go. The farrier came to pull shoes and give everyone a trim. They should be all set now until March. That sounds so far away on a frigid January day, but it's only 6 weeks. We spent the morning picking stalls, putting down mats, cooking up a beet pulp/alfalfa dengie mash, and doing other barnyard tasks. Once the farrier was done, my feet were too cold to think about riding. And underneath the snow, are icy patches.  I decided to give Harley a chance to get used to going barefoot, and wait until the trails are in better shape.

Everyone had a nice lunch and then John decided to try giving Ruffy her first long lining lesson. She did beautifully! I was quite impressed with how well she handled this new task--much better than Harley!
Harley and Rolex walked along the fence line, following Ruffy as if to see what she was doing without them. This looked closely Harley; you might learn something.
Both girls seem to be much more level-headed than Harley when it comes to new things. He's a creature of flight first, then he'll dare to take a closer look. Although, for some reason, a truck tailgate isn't too scary. He went up to sniff the one laying in the snow by the barn, and even touched it with his hoof, without freaking out. What a puzzle he can be.

Tomorrow, snow, freezing rain, and then more rain--yuck. And just as the snow cover was getting really good--bummer! The good news--it's still light after 5 p.m.


  1. Great work long lining. Sorry about your temperatures. We are supposed to get a warm up today (mud) so I hope your temperatures improve too!!!! That lunch sounds great - my three would like to trade places with your three!

  2. It's winter all right, but not a good one! Where is all the light and fluffly snow leaying nicely on solid ground? All we have is weird ice and slimy rain. I am glad to hear you are making the best of it! Off go the shoes, out come the long lines! You are now my patron saint of winter!


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