Monday, January 2, 2012

Mr. Muddy Pants gets a partial bath

A windy January ride
Today was "roll in the mud day", twice if your name is Harley. John and I got to the barn in the early afternoon and were greeted by one muddy girl and an exceptionally muddy guy. Harley had obviously just been down in the mud again, because one area was dry, and one was wet. I thought I'd have to nix plans to ride since his back and hindquarters were so yucky. And given the blowing wind and cold temperature, a bath was out of the question, or so I thought.

John heated up some water and give Mr. Muddy Pants a good dousing on his butt. He quickly scraped him, then tossed on a sheet and his quarter blanket. I brushed off the rest of the dried mud and we were off. That stiff wind was blowing right up the hill at the barn, so we headed up the road and into the woods where we could duck out of the weather.  John gave the fillies the day off  and just groomed the gals and puttered around the barn while I rode. I feel like quite the prima donna when he acts as groom for Harley and me.

I planned to ride over towards North Point, but two loose dogs, bent on chasing us, put a dent in my plans. After hollering at them, and pointing an uneasy mount in their direction, they turned back, but then resumed chasing us. Soon they gave up, figuring they'd done their job--chased us away. Harley, keyed up even more, jigged a ways down the trail, but settled once we were out of earshot. We did a nice little loop in the woods, complete with a nice canter, a few trots, and a little jump (fallen birch from the high winds) even though we saw the dogs coming back at as again!  He was wired, but behaved quite well what with the wind blowing and the dogs chasing him.

The weather is calling for falling temperatures with the mercury down in the single digits. That will solidify all the mud and cushy footing we encountered today. Back to frozen asphalt-like trails--yuck. Snow would be nice around now--soft footing, pretty scenery, and maybe some skijoring!

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  1. You are not the first blogger I have read lately talking about loose dogs and scary wind! I for one am experiencing the wind too. It is so dastardly, I really am very unnerved by it. But your ride sounds really great. Don't you love those unexpected trees suddenly appearing on the trail?
    Skijoring! hah! Count me in!


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