Monday, November 21, 2011

Passing on the Lovely Blog Award

We've been so busy with the new fillies and getting the remodeling done on the home front--I'd forgotten to pass on the Lovely Blog Award from my October 27th posting. So many of the equine blogs I follow have already received this award, so I really had to hunt around the web! Long winter nights should mean lots of extra time, right? Quite the opposite seems to have happened. John and I are out at the barn until well after dark, making sure Harley, Ruffy, and Roley are set for the night. We eat dinner no earlier than 8 pm, and sometimes, as late as 9:30.

So finally, on an early night, sitting by the woodstove, reading blogs, I've found a worthy recipient. It goes to another fellow trail rider/Thoroughbred owner, out having a blast in the Northwest on her mare.
I'd like to pass it on to All Horse Stuff


  1. Imel, YOU sure said it quite perfectly..."another fellow trailrider/Thoroughbred owner, out having a blast in the Northwest on my mare!"

    YUP that's us...we mostly have tons of fun out in the woods of Oregon. And when it is not fun, it is different and a learning experience that ends up being fun...after it's over!

    Thanks soo very much for bestowing this nice award upon me (and the mare of the blog) .
    I am going to enjoy getting to know you and your horsefaces.
    I love that your man is in the stable with you till all hours...I am dreaming of that time too!

    Horsemanship~ freindship~ always!
    KacyK and Wa mare!

  2. Post Script~
    You really made my night!!!!!! Very thoughtful~

  3. Just think, when you are eating dinner so late, simply pretend that you are in PARIS! paris at night, a beautiful horse farm in the morning! Now that sounds divine!


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