Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Harley takes his girlfriends for a walk

John rode each of the fillies today. We took them on a little trail ride with Harley who bravely led the way through the water at Orris Falls (about 6 times), but Rolex Girl would have no part of it! Ruffy threw a rear shoe, so her meander was a bit shorter, although who spooked? My fearless 9 year old. We'll take them each out again tomorrow for another walk in the woods.


  1. Sounds exciting for the new girls.

  2. Imel, You have to tell me how you put a post up and then also post the same text as a page post. Do you just copy and paste? I can't seem to post a post as a page quickly.

    I thought the one filly was named "This Chic's Got It" not Rough and Ready. (?)

  3. We decided This Chic's Got It is a mouthful and not a very good barn name, so we chose Rough & Ready because she arrived a little rough, but ready!
    As for the double posting--it didn't work as I'd hoped. I wanted to have a separate page for the fillies, but I can't post on it, hence the duplicity. Oh well, foiled once again by computers!

  4. I have heard experienced horse people say (or read their quotes anyway!) that you never get on the same horse twice. Around the farm here we look at all rides this way: It ain't over till it's over! Sometimes we'll ride for an entire afternoon without a hiccup, come up the driveway to the barn and have a horse freak out. Because it ain't over till it's over! But I gotta say, all those fillies sound like fun.


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