Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The fillies education continues

Rough & Tough (Ruffy)
Ruffy is a little ouchy without her shoes, so we're taking it easy with her. She has such a lovely face and is always looking for carrots in our pockets--a real sweetie. Rolex Girl is settling down too, although she's still spooky if you startle her in her stall. She's s star in the cross ties, standing patiently while I wrap her legs. John spruced up her forelock and her "mohawk" bridle path clip is growing out (picture to come soon).  Vance is in love with both girls and hangs out along the fence line, pining for his loves while the rest of the gelding munch on grass.

We took Rolex Girl on another adventure with Harley Monday afternoon. She kept an even head while working herself out of a tangle of branches. Mucky footing is not her thing, but she's getting better. I rode Harley out front (who much prefers somebody else take the lead) and showed her it was alright. Then, she'd push right past him, stepping out in a lovely ground-eating walk. Poor Harley had to jog to stay caught up with her! He didn't set a good example crossing the brook out to Jepson's, but after 5 attempts, and a threat from John, he decided, "What the heck, I'll never get home otherewise", and quietly walked through, even standing there, ankle deep in water. What a silly guy!Roley still wouldn't go in the brook, but she had to go through numerous mucky, watery spots to get home. Still, only out on the trail 3 times--what a good girl!

John and his girls

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  1. Amazing! You are doing so well with the new girls. Your photos are gorgeous. Ruffy is absolutely stunning!


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