Friday, August 19, 2011

A Week Without Riding

Harley threw his shoe (again) last week so I've been left without a mount. In a way, it may be a good thing. John and I are getting long-overdue chores done in the garden. But I hate missing out on these waning long summer days. I went out to see Harley last night. The gang was grazing down in the pasture, but once I appeared with his grain back, his head came up, ears perked.

Once Harley finished his grain,  he got his carrot treat. Vance sidled up, hoping I had a little something for him as well. I couldn't deny his curiosity and gave him the nub. Harley proceeded to follow me all the way back to the barn as if to say, "That's it?" His friendly nature is certainly one of his many endearing qualities.

I'm hoping I can track down the farrier and get Harley's feet done so we can get back on track with our riding. Not only do I miss our long hours together (no visit which includes riding lasts less than 3 hours), I also miss our woodland adventures! And secretly, I think Harley does too.


  1. Hi, the horse I rode last night, Ice, is now being kept indoors, as everytime he goes out he loses a shoe! Poor boy.

    Know what you mean about the time, every time I go and ride Merlyn it takes out half a day. I think it takes me about 20 minutes to pick his feet!

  2. I am sorry about that shoe! one time my horse threw her shoe on a trail ride and I didn't really even notice until we got back. Then, the next day while out riding, I found the shoe in the hayfield, right where I remember she'd given me a hard time the day before! So it wasn't really a hard rime at all, she was losing a shoe! Sorry you can't ride though. Although, it doesn't sound like your flowers are sad about it. Now they get extra attention!


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