Monday, August 8, 2011

A Lesson for Harley

Now that Dad mowed the back field, we have a clear, flat place to school Harley. Here's John doing some flat work with him. Watch out Harley, there's a cat in the tall grass! That, of course, spooked him, but John made some progress. Unfortunately, this photo isn't the best. As he worked, Harley dropped his head into a better frame. Every bit of work is another step forward for Harley. The hot, humid weather was better for working in the open (catch every little breeze), than riding in the sticky, buggy, close woods. On days like this, I can't wait for September!


  1. I love reading about how involved your husband is. :-) He reminds me a lot of my guy. We are still blessed to be up north, huh? :-) I'd wondered as a writer yourself if you'd catch my post. (Sorry I have been scarce. The warm weather is SO short up here!) The book would in my opinion be best as a board book for the very young. It teaches color in spectral order with a parade of worms. :-) Actually one of the children dictated it to me when he was 7. It was lyrical, and I'd made a prototype of it then. Since it was my first completed text, I'm starting with that one. What do you write? :-) The best thing is we can always write horse stories for kids!!! :-)

  2. My writing has fallen by the wayside quite a bit. I've written some articles and essays--no book on the horizon, yet. Good luck with your first book!


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