Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mr. Pokey goes for a walk

Once again, I got a late start. Every Saturday, I say I'll beat the heat and bugs, get saddled up and ride early. Yeah, right! I did't get to the barn until 10 a.m. after a supposed quick stop at the feed store. But the owner started chatting about other available horses for John and I to ride, horse trailers, trucks, etc. $70 later, I got to the barn in time to catch a trip out with Michelle. We planned to do a partial Jepson Farm/Pike Quarry loop depending on how much time we had.

Mr. Pokey and his buddy, Pinto Pokey (aka Echoe), just weren't in the mood to go far. Poor Michelle sighed at Echoe, "Come on", while Harley lollygagged along, shuffling and tripping over logs, rocks, etc. "Pick your feet up, Harley", I said. Both horses needed some urging to even break into a little trot on some of the best trails for speed. We stopped by the Jepson homestead to watch a red-tailed hawk rising on the currents. Without Echoe by his side, Harley would never have stood that still for that long--a real treat in more ways than one. It wasn't until we made the magical turn for home that their pace suddenly picked up. Then every little hill called for a jog, or in Harley's case, a snorting canter, quartering Echoe. On the last hill, Echoe trotted along, snagging mouthfuls as he went. Harley passed on the inside as I called out, "He who stops to eat, gets passed!" Harley must have thought, "At last, I'm heading down the homestretch, out front." Michelle and I had a good laugh at our boys.

Yes, it was getting hot, and yes, the deerflies and mosquitoes buzzed incessantly, but our steeds were just not that into going far today. An hour and a half later, we were back at the barn, hosing the horses down. I am so looking forward to September and October, when the bugs are gone and the air is crisp. But then, I won't have the long summer daylight. Must be back at the barn by 7:30, 7:00, 6:30, each week, losing a bit more daylight until there's none at all by December. Oh quit your moaning, Lisa, skijoring season will be here soon enough!

I've avoided house work all day, thus far. Harley gives me a great excuse to not get chores done at home. No trip to the barn is less than 4 hours. I too am being pokey, but I'll at least get the equine laundry (pads, girths, flymask) done!

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