Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pinch me, is this real?

I took Harley on another short ride today. His feet are a little tender from having his shoes pulled, so we stuck to the soft edges of the trail. Given it's Sunday, and in Maine, that means no hunting, everyone not toting a gun heads for the woods in a free for all. The Orris Falls parking lot was crowded, cars nosed in and edging the shoulder of the road. A few were leaving as Harley and I approached. He had his head up like a giraffe, his back hollowed out, as he pranced down the pavement. But once we got into the woods, he let out a big huff, and relaxed.
We lollied our way down the trail until we met an older couple, and then a father with 2 boys and a baby on his back. He herded the boys to the trail edge, saying, "Now stay over, don't get too close." The younger boy exclaimed, "Ooo, I like the horsey. He's a pretty horsey."
"Thank you", I replied, giving Harley a pat on the neck for behaving so well.
 Then I began to daydream, probably not the best thing to do on an unpredictable horse. But lulled by Harley's hoofbeats, I remembered being a kid, much like that little boy, oooing and ahhing at every horse I saw. And if someone was riding by, I thought, "how lucky she is".  And now, I'm that lucky person, riding down the road, astride my own horse. Somebody pinch me, is this real? My dream come true.

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