Friday, November 26, 2010

I can't ride and talk at the same time...

So there I am, whirling around by the "trouble gate" (after already dealing with one Harley hissy-fit) when the cell phone rings. Harley's practicing to be a cutting horse, and  I'm just trying to keep my seat! Wouldn't you know John tries to call me at the exact point when my hands are really full. Harley is snorting, backing, side-stepping, and tossing his head while the phone rings in my chest pocket. I finally got him to stand still and tried heading back towards the gate, and yup, the phone goes off again. "All right, I'm thinking, "First, let me get off this horse!"
I dismount and start pushing buttons, but can't figure out how to get missed calls. John hasn't shown me that nifty trick yet. Well, so much for having a cell phone when I ride!
I get Harley past the scary gate, remount, and of course, he tries to go home again. I'm having none of that and boot him around, snap the crop, and hiss, "Get up there!" He knuckles under and trots up the trail grudgingly--crisis averted.
As we head home, the phone rings yet again. With everything hunky dory in Harley's mind (home is good!), I can ride on the buckle, pick up the phone call, and chat away. "Yes John, I'm still riding. Had a few rough patches to deal with. I'm through the swamp by the dead beech tree and heading for the water. Yes, I'll see you at the barn. I need hang up now--approaching the brook. See you soon." Well, one more tricky spot and then we're home free.

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