Sunday, November 7, 2010

Best birthday ever!

Out of the woods, and back in...
 After years and years of begging my parents for a horse, I finally spent my birthday in the saddle! Harley made my day (as did John with some nifty new horse gear). We went for a little jaunt out the "lollipop trail" to Emery's Bridge Rd., past the scary gate (!!!), through the leaf-covered water (!!!),  and home, just as dusk was falling and the woods were getting scary-dark.

Last week, my brave steed went almost all the way to Mt. Agamenticus, with John and I switching off. John ended up on the mountain bike with Callie loping alongside. I couldn't believe it when Harley actually crossed a narrow wooden bridge without twitching--maybe because John and Callie were on the other side and he was headed home! If he'd been alone, I think there would have been a whole lot of backing up, sideways prancing, head tossing, and whirling.

Today, I'm off on another adventure to who knows where...

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