Monday, November 29, 2010

Harley sees his first moose ever...twice

As we headed up the road, past North Point Equestrian Center, a bull moose wandered into a neighbor's back yard. Thankfully, it turned tail and headed back into the swamp, but not before we both saw it. I said, "Oh no!", turned Harley around and then thought better about it. I might be teaching him to run away! Of course, he had a bit of a hissy fit, but I got him headed back up towards the woods. We reached one of Harley's "trouble spots"--the trail leading to Cheney Woods Rd. is flooded in places. So once again, he backed up, whirled, snorted, and tossed his head. I decided to try another trail which he consented to go down, although now on high alert. As I sang and talked to Harley, I thought, "hmm, that moose could be out here too. We rode a ways to an intersection, crossing two boggy spots and one brook (so much for scary water!) before I turned back. Should Mr. Moose reappear, I didn't want to lose it and be hoofing back on foot in the dark! We made it home with no more animal sightings. I untacked Harley, tossed his cooler on and we headed out behind the barn. Just as Harley put his head down to graze, a moose appeared, trotting across the back meadow, up into the woods. Once again, Harley tossed his head into the air, watching, too nervous now to even eat. Poor Harley--two moose in an hour!

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