Sunday, December 8, 2013

I'ts beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We woke up to fresh snow Saturday, a nice coating to tell us winter is on its way! The minute we turned the horses out, they ran and rolled, the equine equivalent of making snow angels. I love to watch them frolic in the cold--so much joyful enthusiasm. Harley looks like he's trying to tag Rolex while she's having a good roll.

 And then Ruffy came to join in the fun!

And here's a picture of the hooligan twins, Rolex and Harley--can see that impish glint in Rolex's eye?

After we got the stalls cleaned and a few errands done, we saddled up Harley and Ruffy for a ride. They behaved quite well--only a few stops and one place where we had to get off and walk--the holiday fair at the tiny Wells-South Berwick Baptist Church. Too many ladies carrying gifts made the horses stop, stare, and not move an inch.

Unfortunately I took no photos during the ride--my hands were to busy holding my horse. I didn't quite trust him enough to drop the reins to take pictures. We road about and hour and half in the lovely snow.  The trees caught in the sun dripped snow onto us, but in the deep woods, it remained powdery. After we untacked the horses, I finally got a couple of shots.

Here's Ruffy telling John secrets--note carrots in plastic tub on upturned bucket next to John

And here's my best boy looking for treats as well! The alfalfa dengie in the green bucket was not as interesting as carrots.

Winter is officially a couple of weeks away, but it felt like the season began a few weeks ago. We've had a fair amount of cold weather, and only a dusting of snow. This past week, I went out to the barn early one morning. Jack Frost had visited the barn windows and the fields were limned with ice crystals. Once the sun cleared the rise, it melted away. But the north-facing windows remained icy!

The hard ground has not been easy for Harley and Ruffy, our thin-soled Thoroughbreds, so the snow was a welcome respite for them. We're hoping it won't be an open winter. Snow may make more work in some ways, but it surely enhances the holidays and adds more fun at the barn. Time to unearth the skijoring harness and wax up the skis!

Our friends Hank and Lili stopped by the barn tonight to bring some holiday cheer. They hung a wreath outside the barn and Lili made stockings for each of the horses. Hank tacked them up over the feed room door. Here's Lili below her handiwork. The stockings were hung by the feed room with care....

In hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there.


  1. What a fun post. I love Harley "tagging" his sister as she rolls. Pie does that to the brothers. I feel sorry for them because they seem to rush through their roll because he is poking at them in all directions!

    What a great ride you had - and I hear you with the no photos on the ride - same for me yesterday.

    Love the stockings!!!! So thoughtful of your friends to make them with the horses' names! Happy December - it is turning out to be a fun one!

  2. Our snow is gone for the forseeable future but it seems to have gone over to the US! loads of the bloggers I follow have snow at the moment.
    I love the stockings. Tempted... but the men in white coats might come for me. It's a different culture here!


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