Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day ride!

John was up and off to the barn at 6:30 this morning to give the ponies their breakfast: a special morning mash with alfalfa hay in the single digit weather. From what I heard, they happily tucked right into their feed. I was still snoozing and didn't roll out of bed until 7:30--lazy day for me!

After a leisurely breakfast by the wood stove, we got busy cleaning tack (some pieces having been hanging around here for way too long).  Then I moved onto my paddock boots and dress boots. O.K., enough chores for this day! We got dinner started in the slow cooker--lamb vindaloo (yumm...) and then off to the barn at last!

We ran into our friends Hank and Lili at the barn and gave them their gift of chocolate and homemade horse treats to give the horses on their visits.

Finally, we were mounted and off by about 3:00 just as it was starting to get cold. But the sun still offered some warmth as we headed down to Orris Falls.

Harley was a star today--no spooks, and he led for part of the way. We had a nice trot on the snowshoe-packed trail, and even a pleasant canter. A lovely ride on a lovely Christmas Day. And the good news is more snow coming tonight and tomorrow! 

My best fuzzy boy!


  1. Oh happy day! Great, happy Christmas ride in snow! So wonderful. I had a Pie ride, but no snow. I'm not really complaining!!!! Stay warm and have fun on that fuzzy boy!

  2. Sounds like a really lovely ride. Wishing you many more in 2014!


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