Monday, December 16, 2013

Big snow!

Mother Nature dropped about a foot of snow on us Saturday night and Sunday morning. After all the shoveling--at the house and at the barn, I never even got in a ride. But the horses self-exercised in their exuberant joy by galloping around the field full-tilt. After all the excitement, their settled down to nosh on hay. By late afternoon, I was ready for a nap!

We got out to the barn early this morning. The singled digits and squeaky snow had the horses' hair standing straight out! Rolex was keen to start a some games and soon they were tearing back and forth across the top of the paddock, jumping over the snow banks, bucking, rearing, and working out their kinks.

I wish I had taken a movie of them--High--oo Silver, away! John said they looked like a Marlboro ad. Now I'm dating myself--they don't have cigarette ads anymore!

So much silliness--looks like Harley jumped the snow bank (left). It was hard to leave and go to work. I could just watch them all day.


  1. Love the photos and the stories of their play! Watching them have fun is the best thing ever! I know you are with me when I say that horse people should have their homes plopped right in the middle of a pasture so we can watch them!

  2. I sure love watching horses frolic in the snow. I do think they like it! Plus, if they fall, they get a mattressy landing! Did you get more snow yesterday? We sure did. But I am not complaining. It makes for such glorious riding. This weekend the temps will be higher. Will you be riding? I'll check your blog and see!

  3. I always love watching the horses play, too. With or without snow!


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