Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My other steed

My 2-wheeled steed, Old Blue
While my shoulder is recuperating, I've been wary of getting back on Harley and injuring it further. But as the range of motion seems to have improved, I finally got out on my other steed, my trusty old 25+ year old bicycle.  It didn't seem to bother my shoulder after 11 miles on Saturday, so John suggested we ride out to the barn on Sunday. Round trip is just over 16 miles, but it does include 2 good hill climbs--ooh, boy.

I've done many "upgrades" and changes over the years, including adding some "granny gears", but it always takes a while to get back in the saddle again. I packed a pair of breeches, on the off chance I was up for riding 'old Snarley Harley, along with the camera, phone, and carrots. With John's car out of commission, he's been packing in the miles on his bike. So now it's time for me to catch up! But of course, I didn't catch him on the hills--I just ground my way up. This told me that I need to bike to the barn, rather than drive! And given the price of gas--I'll save money and improve my cardiovascular stamina at the same time. A win-win situation.

I still can't lift the saddle onto Harley, so John gave me a hand tacking up, then we went off for a meander down the road. The deer flies annoyed Rolex and Harley, even with bug repellent. I've yet to find one that really works well. Since the woods are even worse, we kept out in the open. The horses and I will be happy to see the back end of bug season!

Pretty girl Ruffy
After our jaunt down the road, John tacked up Ruffy. She's such a doll in the cross ties, patiently standing there for grooming, tacking, shoeing, etc.  And she's a love-bug, enjoying head rubs along with carrots.

I did barn chores while John was riding. As I went out back to empty the wheelbarrow, John and Ruffy cantered up to the barn, then went down in the back pasture to try out our little log jump. Boy, can this girl jump--I think she likes it! And so does John, as he enjoyed a nice canter around the field. Unfortunately, I was holding the wheelbarrow, and not the camera, so I didn't get any good pictures of their fun.


  1. I like your other steed! Because it isn't so often one sees a horse of that color! Sounds like you are still adventuring! Keep it up--having fun helps shoulders heal least that's what the New England Journal of Medicine is saying. Straight from the horse's patoot!

  2. Glad your in some kind of saddle!! I'm late , so you may actually be riding Harley. Snarley huh. Reminds me if my 2 yr. Stint with Wammo Wa mare..bad saddle fit really caused me accidents. Do.t know if ill ever get a saddle for her ...she ( and I ) both love our bareback saddle!

    That Ruffy is a Beauty!!! She and Wa would make a nice tandem jump team!


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