Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's the end of a perfect day...

Breakfast time, ma!
We awoke to a gorgeous clear day with low humidity at last. Despite my grand plans to bike out and feed early, we still got in a full day, including a trip to the Barrington Truck Show to see my dad with his 1946 Mack LJX on display.

We got back out to the barn by 2 p.m., gathered everyone up for a little lunch, then saddled Harley and Rolex for a ride out to the quarry. I've been leery of riding on my own with my gimpy shoulder, but I feel like I'm missing out on hours of summer riding.

So, despite some possible tears in the rotator cuff--life must go on and that includes riding. Harley behaved himself, unlike the last episode in the thunderstorm, all alone, with Rolex out of sight-egad! We had some nice trots and a rather lazy canter up a hill, but with him out front, things were more manageable for my sore wing--less snorting and sideways prancing! We have not been out to the quarry in some time. The bugs were bothersome, and I'll be happy when cool weather drives them away. Every summer I say I'll get a fly whisk but I've yet to follow through and usually rely on tree branches to swat the bugs. I've determined that no fly spray is really effective in the deep woods. Beating and slapping them works best! Both horses seemed reluctant to head out and I'm not sure if it was the bugs or the new arrival at the barn. A new boarder has arrived--a Percheron/Quarter horse yearling.  Harley is curious and I think the fillies might be in love--good thing he has been gelded, even if he is in the neighboring pasture!

I'm looking forward to my September vacation with, hopefully, more long days spent in the saddle!


  1. Lovely , so glad you are getting back with've been wise to heal first .
    I've a neat horsetail fly wand, my sis got for me. Brantches work too...but no wrist strap!

    Here's hoping more coolness heads both our ways!

    1. So what does Harley do but slam his big 'ole head into my arm--oowwww! This will be the rotator cuff from hell--maybe in 6 mos. it will be back to normal (or so I was told)--ugh!


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