Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's too darn hot

I don't feel like I'm missing out on any stupendous riding right now. The temperature keeps soaring up around 90 and the hazy skies hold little appeal. Horse flies, deer flies, and greenheads abound, buzzing in annoying circles around the horses and me. While my shoulder heals, we're all taking a break.

Snoozing Ruffy
Yesterday was "spa day" at the barn complete with baths, total grooming from nose to tail and down to their toes. They got some respite from the heat and high noon sun by spending the better part of the day in their stalls, away from the flies, with fans ruffling their manes.

Rolex getting her "treatment" after a roll in her shavings
By the time the sun was behind the trees, we put the horses back out for dinner. The barn felt warmer than outdoors, and since a breeze kicked up, it wasn't too bad. I think Harley was getting bored and needed a new place to crib. His stall guard can only take so much pressure--he's popped it out once this week!

The cribmeister killing time

It's weather like this that makes me long for September when the days are still long, but with a crisper tang in the air. And by then, my shoulder should definitely be back in shape!
Stay cool, fellow riders!


  1. Gosh Imel, I hope that may be healing before SEPT! Do you know what you did to it with the fall?

    Your ponies look well taken care of.
    It's funny how the indoors will be better for a time, then, they are worse.
    I took care of my sister mare Pantz yesterday, and her stall was hot! So she ate her dinner out in the paddock, where there was a breeze~
    I surely do not know what I'd do with that kind of sweltering stuff. I live in Oregon for a reason, though we have had more than enough humidity for here this summer with thunder storms looming. They seem to be looming everywhere.

    Take time to walk (on foot) with your horses on the trails... just mosey along and see the sights and spend time in the woods. I love the bonding it can create. Do take a training stick along for good measure, to defend them, or yourself.

    Keep looking up!

    1. I might get John to school me on the lunge without reins--see how that goes. But first, I'll wait for this heat wave to break and the bug population to abate. Looks like it may be a long healing process. I start physical therapy next week. Ah, the joys of middle age! :)

  2. It has been SO hot-hope you're healing fast! Harley is super cute:)

    1. Missing out on some awesome weather--it's cooled down to the perfect 70's. Spent yesterday morning picking the upper pasture, and paying for it! Now my arm's wicked sore. But I had to spend some quality Sat. time with the gang somehow.

  3. I can say with complete honesty that some times, I love a spa day as much as a ride on the trail. And I am pretty surte my horse agrees with that. All that loving care away from the sun and the flies? Oh yes, I think the horses like it just fine. And you are so right: we had it pretty hot for a while. So uncomfortable! I think that's when my brumby got her weird scaly patches--riding in hot weather! WHO NEEDS SCALY PATCHES??? Hope you are on the mend!


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