Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I was overdue for this...

This is not me, but it looks like the fall I took!
Yup, it's happened again--another graceless splat as I landed on the ground. Things were going along just fine until Rolex and Harley thought they were back at the track and it was a race for home!

Merciless flies hovered around the horses heads, driving them crazy, so we cut our ride short and headed for home. And eager trot, became a snorting sideways canter as Rolex passed Harley. That got his blood up. When John said, "Jump!", Harley did just that, only he went in at the log sideways, and stiff like a pogo stick. He cleared it, then realized he was heading for a sapling. Rolex, already heading into the woods (and Harley, always the follower) veered right to avoid the trees made Harley spin sideways and I must have looked just like the pictured rider--went off sideways. I tucked and rolled to get out of the way of both horses feet, but I must have landed in a way that messed up my shoulder.

Getting back on was painful. I couldn't use my right arm to pull myself up. But it was remount or walk! We made it back without too much difficulty. Harley spooked at some deer, but we got home safely. First thing I did was put an icepack from our cooler on my shoulder, leaving poor John to play groom and take care of the horses.

So it looks like I'm out of the saddle for a couple of weeks. I'm hoping it's just strained/sprained and not a bad tear in the rotator cuff. It's the same shoulder I hurt a couple of years ago in a fall. Maybe my next purchase at the tack shop will be some of that stuff you spray on your saddle to make it sticky! Better yet, just sit up, Lisa!


  1. Ouch. Silly horses! Hope it heals quick.

  2. I am so very sorry to hear of this event. Please make sure you didn't really injure yourself.

    You are not alone:
    I had my 2 years when my mare was so barn sour, having several turnout horses she loved to get home to.
    Once she fell upon me, I held onto the reins...they dragged me under her, she jumped over me! Then, ran 2 miles home alone, while I walked.

    Then she launched me off from a rather high embankment onto pavement.
    ( definite Saddle fit thing) I did not walk for several weeks without crutches...couldn't stand at all. AND- It was my Birthday!

    Bucked me off in a field- again ran away home(within sight)
    That time, I got right back on and went back to the field...before putting her away.

    Please, heal up and mend!! And the mental healing too! Bless john's heart for taking care of the horses. I know he will do his best for you as you heal up.
    Take care,

  3. Replies
    1. Very sore and will go see orthopedist on Mon. (I hope)--this isn't getting better and on top of that, I've got horses that need attention! Harley seems to have a case of scratches on his hind feet and Rolex has a swelling above her knee (maybe got kicked), AND John's car died. It's been one hell of a week!

  4. Oh my goodness. MORE ADVENTURING! And its repercussions. I love reading this blog and while I hate the thought of you falling off and getting hurt, there is always something compelling happening in your neighborhood! Always. Not all of it dangerous, that goodness. My horse friend Bill always says that we all have to take our lumps but I completely disagree! Who has the time for an orthopedist? I hope you heal fast and that the horses quickly forget it all. Acting like a pogo stick does not call for a repeat performance! Feel better.

  5. OH!! I am so sorry to hear of the travail!
    Hang in dear! Veterycn really works on just about everything (maybe not the swelling) Hope ALL of you recover, and the car may be fixed.


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