Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Training Day

John works Harley over some rails
Sunday and Monday were schooling days. I admit to needing a lot of time doing gymnastic exercises, and if Harley could talk, he'd admit it as well. But we both would rather be wandering in the woods. So when I arrived at the barn Monday afternoon, John told me to go get my helmet and meet him out back. Harley had already had some much-needed schooling from John, which I truly appreciate. Without rails around our "ring" yet, it can be a little difficult sometimes when Harley makes up his mind to go "home" or follow his barn mates rather than circle away from them. So Monday was a good lesson for both of us! John lunged me so I didn't have to worry about steering Harley (beware the woods--wild turkeys) and could concentrate on myself. This worked wonderfully for both Harley and me. It also made me realize just how much I need to work on my seat and legs! I think I should have Monday afternoon lessons all the time, and then end with a little walk in the woods.

Schooling Rolex
Next, it was Rolex's turn. First, we had to catch her--she's a wily one. But as long as their's a treat involved, she will eventually be curious enough to see what you've got. She had not been ridden in about a week, which was apparent by her tearing around on the lunge line. Eventually she settled and trotted until she decided she was done, stopped, and walked up to John as if to say, "Are we done now?" She reminds me of Ferdinand the bull sometimes--she'd rather stop to look around and enjoy her surroundings than really do any work. She's not lazy by any stretch, but her curiosity compels her to take in her environment first.

Rolex worked out her kinks with a good canter and some "airs above ground". Then for fun, John got on board and rode her bareback for a bit. She's definitely not a candidate for this--not until she fills out a bit more!  Her birthday is coming up soon, when she really turns 5--our baby in the herd.


  1. Oh, the trail constantly beckons Lilly and me! We would much rather be bushwacking around in the woods and zipping up and down hillsides than trotting around some darn cones in a ring. But you know, I never regret it! Such important work gets done there!

    1. So true--hence my newly established Monday afternoon lesson! I'm already planning for my next day off (when it's not raining)to do some ring work and then a nice rewarding trail ride.

  2. Okay, you're making me realize- I need ring work!


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