Monday, May 21, 2012

Ring work and a trail ride

We tested out the new ring yesterday. Harley and Rolex got a small taste of it before we headed for the woods. He who shall not be named, once again gave me a hard time about circling to the right at the far end--Noooo!, Rolex is down at the other end! And I have to say, he can really be pig-headed with the bitless bridle. It called for some rather drastic measures before I got Harley to relinquish and bend a bit to the right. Once he did that, it was off to the woods!

Tatnic Woods trail
The mosquitoes bothered us a bit if we stood still too long. I've tried using Clac-Deo a rather potent smelling bug dope, but one that doesn't use harmful chemicals. It works quite well, although it does leave a greasy residue. I guess it's time to dig out the fly mask. I'd be curious to know what other riders prefer--full face mask (which does make their faces sweaty), or just the crocheted ear bonnet with fringe.

We rode out via the power line, complete with 2 steep scrambles uphill and Big Bump (our version of the Tevis Cup Cougar Rock), then out the Lollipop Loop towards Tatnic. We crossed a lovely mowed field that a gentleman kindly lets us access, thinking we might have a nice canter or trot. Harley tried to just to go straight to the woods while Rolex cantered nicely along the edge. Once back on the trail, he encountered the dastardly wood piles which he's seen before, but always give him pause.

We rode past the world's loudest lawn mower (I thought the owners must be power washing their house!) which made Harley prance sideways. and then encountered the tallest wisteria I'd ever seen. It's a lovely ornamental vine, but in this case, it's eventually going to choke the white pine it's climbing. We had to take pictures at any rate, but unfortunately, the color got washed out in the bright sunshine.

Tallest wisteria in Wells, Maine!

I left John back at the barn, brushing Ruffy , and went out to get carrots (high in electrolytes) and drinks. I was parched from the heat, as I guessed John was too, and our brave ponies deserved some carrot treats. I feel guilty if I'm empty handed at the barn! I got back just as John was tacking up Ruffy. Time for a quick lunch, and snack for Ruffy, then off to our new ring! She took a gander at all that dirt and thought she was back at the track! All the jump equipment was stacked along the edge, and that was super-scary. But she settled down as John worked her. Ruffy is still learning that things aren't so bad and that she actually can just walk over rails. She made good progress today.

John schooling Ruffy


  1. Good job on your (Tevis) ride! Sounds like Wa and Harley have woodpile nightmares in common! Stumps too, get mine to pause...they resemble crouching pumas!
    I sometimes must refine my ride with jointed eggbut snaffle, cause the bitless is pretty mute for bending and flexation.

    My that W vine is gigantic.What a sight that must be.

    That Ruffy is sure a looker...nice work over polls John. It is always a plus when they may master the distances under their hooves!

  2. If only the ring we have at Bear River Horse Farm wasn't 100% sunny! It gets too hot, driving us onto the trail...which I guess is where I'd rather be anyway! I always use the crochet fly bonnets--in part because they are so damn cute, but lately I have been wondering if I might not try a fly mask. I just worry about a dang fly actually getting trapped in the mask. I can't imagine Lilly liking that much at all. Hee hee on the Wolrd's Loudest Lawn Mower! We have the World's Most Obnoxious Tractors! Even so, your photos reveal a good time! Don't you love the springtime? Everything is so fresh and promising.


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