Monday, May 14, 2012

And still more training

We spent the weekend working the horses on the flat, although I did have to give Harley (and myself) a break on Friday. After doing flat work, we escaped to the woods for a nice amble. Harley had not been up the road to North Point in a while, so the goats were a minor challenge, but he pranced by without too much fuss. His only meltdown came with 2 dogs rushing at him. Thankfully, they backed off and the owner called them back to the property.

Our Little Miss Marquetry Girl turns 5 in 2 weeks.
When we returned, I washed off Harley and readied Rolex for John to hop on before dark. He lunged her, and then put me up so he could evaluate her. She's a pistol, our Roley Girl, but smart! And she's so much narrower than Harley--a totally different feel! Her birthday is coming up soon; the day of our first S.M.A.R.T. ride, May 27th. I'm hoping all this rain will have passed by then!

Vacation starts on Wednesday, and although there's much to do around the house and garden, I'm bound to get sidetracked at the barn. John will have more time, and I know he plans on devoting hours to working the girls and rebuilding the ring. But this will make training much easier. Even the few days I spent working with Harley has made a difference. So I know this will be labor well-spent for all.

Here's a picture of the sorority sisters sharing their feed tub. It amazes John and I how they get along eating together. Rolex seems to prefer eating with other horses, and although she tries to share with Harley, he grudgingly lets her sneak in while he's having a good crib. Ruffy, on the other hand, is much more willing to share!

Evening feed time!


  1. The adorable "sisters" sharing - you have to love that!

    I think I would sneak off with Harley to the woods to ride too - everyone has boring old rings for flat works - not everyone has those amazing woods like you guys! I am so jealous!

  2. Ha, look at the mares share! Mine would love to share- with anyone -that would offer up more grains or hay!!

    I know the ring work will be almost done soon...and I L*O*V*E me an outdoor! If I must work in an arena, it's that kind that's the best. You are so fortunate to have both- at your riding pleasure!


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