Saturday, March 3, 2012

Horses being horses

Post storm antics
After being cooped up all morning due to the pouring rain, everyone was raring to go outside this afternoon. First, I let the sorority sisters out. They trotted up and down along the fence line, waiting for the rest of the gang to join them in some fun. Here's Harley trying to start something with Vance while the girls are off and running. Gator is happy to be in a separate pasture where he can see the gang, but not have to play any of their games. Like a grand dad, he'd rather watch from afar, with a fence to keep those annoying hooligans away from him. Everyone had a good roll in the snow, leaving behind an imprint of dust and some hair. Shedding season has begun in earnest!  The snow was quite slushy, and the footing a big slippery, but it didn't stop the horses from having a good time.

Rolex taking a snow bath, "Ahh, that feels so good!"
The games then moved back up the hill to the top of the paddock. All the excitement made a couple of the horses thirsty. Vance, playing Mr. Stud, chased everyone up the hill and then cornered them by the watering trough. For an old guy, he likes to strut his stuff and show us his Standardbred trot when he's feeling good!

Vance taking charge of his herd
After things cooled down, Rolex and Ruffy had to come see what I was up to in the paddock. Did I have carrots? No, just my camera (carrots were in the truck). I've decided the C-shaped star on Rolex's head stands for Curious. And where one filly goes, the other is bound to follow.

What'cha doing?
Got carrots?

Then things mellowed out. Everyone had burned off their excess energy, stretched their muscles, and kicked up their heels. Although Harley persisted in trying to start a nipping contest. See them in the background, behind Ruffy? What a happy crew!

Vance at the center of attention


  1. I love your herd. Great photos - I enjoy watching their reindeer games and figuring out what is going on - you do too - Thanks for sharing!


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