Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vernal equinox ride

We had another beautiful day for a spring ride with light breezes and a warm melting sun. The trail into Orris Falls is slowly melting, except under the evergreens, where packed snow and ice remain. Harley forded the fast-flowing brook without a twitch. I think he's finally getting over his water phobia. We could hear the water roaring through the chasm at Orris Falls, as well as through the beaver dam. Harley had to look long and hard at that dam and the noise it emitted. We reached the cut through the swamp which was still iced over, and opted for the trail instead. He balked at the next water crossing--I think he was slipping down into the mud and was a little unsettled by the footing. I wanted to end on a positive note, so we sat and watched the woods and water before turning back. Once again, I turned him down the road away from home. He grudgingly accepted that the ride wasn't over yet. He headed down a dead end road (last time we were here, he took off with me) then attempted a shabby turn on the forehand before returning to home. This may be a last warm ride for a while--snow and rain forecasted for tomorrow.

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