Thursday, March 17, 2011

The fur is flying...

The thermometer hit 60 degrees today and Harley is shedding up a storm. All the horses are losing their winter fuzz with the warm spell. The blankets came off and aired out in the sunshine, the barn doors were opened wide for the fresh breezes. Spring has sprung and we're all raring to go.

I rode for the first time without gloves or mittens since October. We splashed through mud and slushy snow, clomped over ice and made it all the way up to the trail junction between Orris Falls and Big Bump. Harley was convinced the boogie man lurked up in the woods. I suspect it may have been a deer. We turned around and headed back, prancing where footing permitted. He wasn't happy when I urged him down the road, away from home, but grudgingly headed where I pointed his noise. The trip back proved to be entertaining, one kid on a bicycle and one in a plastic wagon, you know, the Fisher Price brand that rumbles down the road. He wanted no part of it, but he needed to pass it if we wanted to get home. The people graciously stopped until we passed, walking at a brisk pace, on the verge of a trot. As usual, Harley was relieved to get home. Me, I'm always happy to make it back to the barn in one piece.

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