Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Fever

We all have spring fever, including the horses, and especially, Harley. After being snowbound for so long, he's looking forward to stretching his legs and raising a ruckus. With his world shrunken down to the barn, the upper paddock, the bottom of the hill, and a little trail meandering out along the fence line, the Harley wants to let loose and have a gallop. Last night, he was kicking up his heels and chasing the others around the upper paddock. Yes, it was dinner time, but he needs someone to play tag with. The old bachelors take only so much grief before they strike out at him, is if to say, "Leave me alone. I'm too old for this!" Chey is in her own corner with her besotted boyfriend Echoe, who snaps at Harley if he even approaches his gal.
Yup, spring is finally making some headway as the snowbanks recede, the ice melts off the driveway, and the sun stays up a little longer each day. Good thing Harley has a nice long mane--I may be grabbing it for dear life pretty soon!

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