Friday, January 7, 2011

Quiet time in the forest

Under grey skies, threatening with snow, Rebekah and I headed out for a jaunt in the woods. Our world is shrinking down as trails freeze up with slippery ice and hard-packed snow. The Orris Falls trails need a fresh blanket of snow or another thaw to soften things. The trails heading up to North Point are relatively good if we avoid the wet/frozen areas. Signs of turkey and deer abound. The oak leaves are all scruffled up where the turkeys have been scrounging for acorns. Deer trails criss-cross through the woods, sometimes following the riding trails. Thankfully, there's not been much ATV action to churn the trails up.

The woods are so quiet this time of year, just the wind whispering through the pines, the occasional chickadee or woodpecker, and wild turkeys. With the temperature hovering near the freezing mark, our toes were frosting up as flurries filtered down through the trees. Echoe broke into a little trot which prompted Harley to start up a little canter. They both felt good, but we had them under control (this time).  No surprise un-seatings today!

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