Friday, December 31, 2010

Oops! She's come undone...

The snow gave me a soft landing as I came unglued today. Harley is feeling good and looking for an excuse to let it rip. What started out as a nice little canter became a bit of a snorting, steamrolling, haul up the trail. I still don't know if he slipped, shied, or bucked, but I slid off, hanging onto the reins so he wouldn't bolt for home. I walked him down the trail to my favorite "mounting block tree", got back on and we jigged and half-passed the entire way out until we reached the paved road. Yup, he's feeling sassy with the weight he's put on and thinks he's back at Suffolk Downs. Today is an example of when ring riding might have been the wiser choice (if we had one). I had a feeling it wouldn't be a quiet hack when I had trouble getting him to stand still just to mount! That should have been the telling moment for me! Oh well, dust the snow off and get back on!

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