Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today offered another interesting day for Harley. Michelle and I headed out through the woods to meet of with 3 other riders from North Point. We decided to check out the "Nature Trail", a piece of property with a serious case of Maine Yard Disease. As you pass the house and head into the woods, there's a sign "Speed Limit 55 for horses" (don't get any ideas, Harley). Then there's the pile of old televisions with a sink, what looks like a bobhouse, but sporting signs saying, "Take Out, Luncheon". Oh, and then there's the 2 giant stereo speakers...blaring nothing to nobody. Once you get away from the junk, the trails are quite nice, and better yet, not too icy! We crossed Tatnic Rd. and went up into Tatnic Woods. The ride was going nicely, Diego settled down, Harley was happy out front, until....

We'd heard a chain saw, but as I saw a tree falling, I knew I was in for a spin! Sure enough, Harley whirled around, smack into Echoe. His poor little brain was screaming, "Let's get out of here. They'll kill us all!" Of course, his panic attack spread among the others. Two riders dismounted, Harley, Echoe, and Mack moved away at a controlled jog, although a full-out gallop would have suited them better. We jigged all the way back to North Point, along with a chorus of barking hound as Dash warded off evil wood monsters (who knows what he smelled out there).  We had one short canter with an attempted dash for home, then dismounted to walk down the road. The wind picked up whirling snow devils and leaves, spooking poor Harley. He pranced sideways, practicing dancing like Nijinksy (show his blood relation to great, great, great grandsire Nijinksy II) as we performed haute école moves back to the barn.

Yup a fun time was had by all, the riders, the horses, and even the dog!

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