Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Ride and Boxing Day Ride

I got in my Christmas ride with Michelle and Echoe, although it was a brief stroll down the road. Some trails are beginning to ice up. Our schedules were tight, and it was cold, but we rode anyway.
Today we hooked up with 4 riders from North Point for a nice hack through the woods. Harley was remarkably good with the whole gang, even though he did almost get a kick! He's a real tailgater, but trying to slow him down only agitates him and he starts grinding his teeth. So I stuck him up in the middle, behind Diego and he did quite well. At least until Michelle and I left them at North Point and headed down the Nature Trail. He was fine until we reached the turn-around point. A little trot turned into a short sprint with a little buck thrown in for good measure. I think he really wanted to tear it up, and I wouldn't let him. He and Echoe vie for who will be out front when they can't canter along together. Of course, this brought on more teeth grinding until he settled down a bit.
I'm glad we got the ride in. The horses may be cooped up over the next 36 hours. About a half hour after we returned, the big storm blew in. We're supposed to have blizzard conditions and anywhere from 9 to 12 inches! A real doozy to whiten things up!
Thank you John for the winter boots and breeches. Without them, it would have been too cold today. !

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