Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where has winter gone?

Ruffy in the fog
We're experiencing the annual January thaw, something I would happily skip. After all the rain and refreezing, the top of one pasture is a lumpy skating rink--totally unusable due to the danger factor. I've gone through 4 five-gallon buckets of sand just trying to keep the walk between the pasture and the barn ice-free. I'd rather deal with frigid weather over all the ice.

Snow-eating fog rolled in with the warm temperatures reducing our snow cover and leaving bare patches on sunny southern slopes. I guess the merits of moderate temperatures would include not needing gloves or a balaclava under my helmet, and not having to ride in the Michelin Woman outfit: the Carhartt overalls! It's always nice to not have numb fingers and toes.

Harley and Rolex peering in the fog
I took Harley for a short adventure yesterday, all on his lonesome. We almost got in a five-star ride. No problem going down the road, but he tried to cut out on me and take his route towards home. Oh no, Buster--we're going my way! But since he had not been ridden in a week, I cut him some slack, just didn't let him choose our route. We did a reverse ride up to Orris Falls where the chasm is roaring. I didn't try to ride past the falls, fearing the trail would be icy under the hemlocks from all the snowshoe and foot traffic. Our off-the-beaten path loop is always much more interesting than the main drag. Harley behaved enough for me to ride for a bit without stirrups; something I need to do more frequently, but avoid when he's feeling "up".

And then he shocked me. A delivery of grain sat on a pallet in the barn aisle. Who was the only horse, including the 25-year old Standardbred, to walk past without snorting or staring? Mr. Halawa Moon--my best brave boy!


  1. Sometimes they just don't make sense!!

  2. A near five star ride! I am jealous down here!

    1. Only a four-star yesterday, but another five star today, complete with a little jump! yeehaa!


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