Sunday, January 5, 2014

The weather outside is lovely!

My favorite view is looking down the trail between Halawa Moon's ears. Today's temperatures were perfect for riding--not too cold, somewhere in the thirties and best of all, no wind. We have rain headed our way, so today was a must for getting out on the trails.

I spent the entire morning cleaning all the stalls, filling the water tanks, stuffing hay nets, and shoveling back some of the snow banks. I debated going home to grab some lunch, but didn't want to lose the sunniest part of the day. So I skipped lunch and rounded up Harley for a little adventure.

Which way to go is always my dilemma, so I let Harley pick. First he tried to just stand by the fence and look for his girls. Oh no, my boy--we're going solo today. So off to the right we went, headed for Orris Falls.

Harley walked right down the road with no spins or stops. Maybe he is finally used to the turkeys and I was using my seat and legs enough to urge him forward. Although riding in Carhartt overalls and insulated muck boots, I feel a bit doughboy-ish without much feel.

Three cars took up most of the parking lot at the trail head, so we had to squeak between two of them. Harley looked askance at both cars, ears swiveling, but he walked past with no hesitation. He got a big pat and "Good boy", for reaching this far without any games. We soon encountered a pair of snowshoers. Harley stopped and had a good look, but kept moving forward after they passed.  About ten minutes later, another group of snowshoers passed us and Harley walked on past them like a good boy. But he did stop when he saw a dog bounding through the snow up the trail.

We veered off onto our favorite side trail where we got in some nice trots and a little canter up the hill. Only one pair of snowshoe tracks, one set of dog, and lots of deer tracks. We didn't see anyone on this trail, a much more enjoyable experience. The quiet and solitude of the winter woods was so peaceful compared to the "super highway" of snowshoers down below. In protected pockets, the snow still remained on the trees, dumping a few times down my backside. Carhartts are not waterproof!

When the side trail reconnected with the trail to Big Bump, Harley opted to go left (more direct route home) which was fine with me. I doubted we'd see anyone out on the power line trail. Unbroken snow slowed Harley down as he waded though drifts in a couple of spots. When we came out on Thurrell Road, he stopped and stared at the girls, then power-walked home. I jumped off so he would cool off a little quicker--not that he was very hot, but he's so fuzzy, it takes a while to dry out!

I turned him out where he posed for me as King of the Hill and Wannabe Stud of the place.

King of the Hill

Big Boss Man--he just couldn't see Vance down below, behind the shelter!

Yesterday, while I was at work, John took Rolex out for her second driving experience. Last year, he had her pulling the hay sled while mounted on her back. But this time, he drove her from behind while Rolex pulled our friends Hank and Lili around the property and down the street. 

(Photos courtesy of Hank and Lili)
One horse open sleigh!

Off into the sunset

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  1. I so love that sleigh riding!!!! It looks like so much fun! So nice that you are still out riding. Me too, but the ice is making it challenging. At least we've had some gorgeous blue skies to frolic in, and we are oh-so-glad the brutal temps have gone away for now. We've also had gusts of wind that last 6 and 8 seconds! I know what you mean about feeling like a dough boy! Hah! But a least if you fall, it's like you're wearing a mattress!


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