Saturday, July 27, 2013

Goats, and trash barrels, and squirrels--OH MY!

Silly me thought I'd enter Harley in a "best trail buddy" contest. Yes, he's still my good buddy, even when he's a dithering, quivering wreck. So I write up this little blurb about what a good boy he is and the following day he's up to his old stunts. No, I'm not going forward--it's too scary. I'm going home, but in reverse. Who cares if I'm in the road--they'll stop! Right, Harley. Obviously you aren't up to speed on the average American driver who's always in a rush while using a phone at the same time. So in the interest of self- and equine-preservation, I jumped off and walked him up the road.

 Well today was no different, except the goats were very vocal and walking around in the underbrush by their shed. And one of the trash barrels was on its side, AND squirrels were running up the trees!
Once again, I dismounted and walked, but first I had to get a picture of my wide-eyed guy. It's a little blurry because he wouldn't stand still for long. OK, I saw 'em. Now let's get outta here!

Our ride in the woods was fine except for the voracious deer flies which hounded us. A beech branch made a lovely fly swatter for most of the ride. Back on the road, a breeze kept the bugs at bay. But we still had to get past the dreaded goats again. Once we pranced past them--on the far side of the road--I dismounted and made him go back for a closer look. I have to laugh at the expression in his eyes in both photos.

Can you see the whites of his eyes? The goats had calmed down a bit, and the trash cans were gone, but still--you never know when they might bound out of their pasture and attack a poor horse wandering past. He was not happy that I made him circle back and see them yet again.

You can also see the "horse caution" sign behind Harley--well only about 5% of the people passing us on this road even begin to slow down and give us a wide berth. 0.5% come to a halt if Mr. Prancypants is dancing down the road. I've learned to not expect drivers to know what to do, or care, and just jump off if things are too dicey.

Safe and sound at home.
Mr. Halawa Moon got a stern talking to about his silliness and a vow from me to go past the dang goats every day until he can do it on his own without me getting off and leading him.  And for laughs, I may decide to throw in turkeys by going in the other direction! Watch your tail feathers, Harley!


  1. Mr. Harley big beautiful thing. Your eyes were so large...if only your courage was so big. Sounds to me Mr. Bay beauty , you are gonna get a change to try out your courage , very soon again.

    My Wa mare was super silly on our camping trip this time. I had just told my sissy how many bridges and boardwalks there were on the 20 mi ride around the lake on the mountain we were my mare, her first time there 4 years ago, was waiting patiently for the two gelding in front of her to go forth and cross the bridge right in front of them. They were afraid to. She finally told me, "I AM GOING AHEAD OF THEM!", And we walked right over that bridge...even when running ducks went under us, she walked straight over it! She also did the 5 more crossing that day, no problem
    BUT*** a couple weeks ago, she wouldn't cross ANY bridges or boardwalks, unless she was behind Pantz mare!

    You should look up your states laws on how cars are to respond to Equestrians. In my state, they are required by law to stop and proceed with caution if I HOLD MY ARM UP OR OUT, signaling them to be cautious. It can be hazardous here, even with that law in place...but I have hit cars on the hoods(with my crop) as they pass, if they diss me. I only had to say once, to the one that stopped and was mad afterwards, "I have your Licence plate number, and 911 on speed dial, you have endangered me today... Do you want me to call for help now? OR next time slow down PLEASE".

    I was really mad obviously..I have not done that since then, but most people do slow down as I wave my arms.

    Have fun with your training...remember to adds lots of light air to your body and sends relaxing signals to the horse! At least mine knows I am in for the long haul...when i start to laugh!

    1. Oh yes, gotta laugh! What else can I do since, like you say, we're in it for the long haul and maybe one day, it won't be such a big deal (hah!) for him.
      As for drivers--same laws here, but no one follows them. One guy yelled F___ you! When I waved for him to slow down. I gave him the "eyes on you" signal and stared him down the next time he passed--I've got his plate memorized!

  2. Wanted To Tell You...
    Yesterday, WA Got So Scared Of The Unknown...She Literally Fell To Her Knees (Me On Her) Because Of A Ghostly Shaking Bush! We Never Did See What Was In There, Cause Once She Regained Herself, She Bolted!
    I Forgot To Laugh...But Thought Of You

  3. Poor Harley in those photos! His eyes look positively buggy! So glad you hop off with the cars. I sure wish we could have roads dedicated solely for horsey travelers. Sigh...someday I will find the place that does that!


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