Monday, July 1, 2013

Angry skies

This is all we've seen, day after day, for over a week. The forecast has been rain, thunderstorms, rain, and more thunderstorms. And even if it wasn't raining, the humidity was so high, that it felt like rain!
The horses have suffered being cooped up most nights with stormy skies threatening overhead. The barn offers some respite from the bugs, but they would prefer to stay outside and just have carrots fed to them daily. An occasional brushing is o.k., although a good mud wallow is much superior, and, if coated on thickly enough, no bug will ever penetrate the crust! Harley and Rolex are aces at this method of insect repelling. 

John and I squeaked in a ride finally Sunday morning. The sun was actually out for most of the day, along with hot temperatures and high humidity. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was riding through some bayou and not the Maine woods! And of course, the deerflies have now put in an appearance as well, zooming around our heads. Oh yay--now I'm ready for September. Here's a quick movie of Harley, playing catch-up with Rolex on Sunday's ride. Sorry--shot in a vertical format--turn your computer on end!

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  1. You've The Taste Of Oregon Now...Save The Humidity.
    Funny Video


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