Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Navigating our way around the woods on Patriot's Day

On Monday, we met our friend Hank halfway up his driveway for a little exploratory walk behind his property. We've talked about showing him different places we've ridden, and compared notes with places he's explored on his snowmobile. This ride put to rest some questions about who's land we were on and where some trails intersected his property line. The last time he was out here, the woods had not been logged. It's amazing how logging can totally change your perspective on the lay of the land. Right behind Hank is the top of a cut through some granite, an old quarry from decades ago. It's kind of cool to ride through a grotto of dripping cold rock and feel the temperature drop as you pass by. Off in the distance is Bauneg Beg Mountain, we think. From atop it, on a clear day, you can see the Kennebunk Plains to the Atlantic Ocean.  

Rolex was feeling jumpy that day--spooking at the rocks and a large bird (turkey or turkey vulture) flying up out of the woods. Of course, that made Harley jump too, but he was being a very good boy. He just didn't want to stand still and listen to Hank explain where we were. He tossed his head and tried turning back for a home a couple of times. We got in a little loop ride that took us right back towards Hank's land; certainly not a big workout, but a nice leg stretcher after Sunday's long ride.

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  1. My man and me had to look up 'Patriot Day". It isn't on our calendars...but now, thanks Google search, I know what the difference is between Patriot Day and "Patriots day".
    They seem to be linked now, unfortunately, due to what occurred in Boston. Glad that is over, to one extent.

    Loved the "Guided tour" you two took with Hank . My man loved all that beautiful granite....we would like it for our garden bed, dry stacked border!!!
    Nice little leg stretcher ride.


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