Friday, April 5, 2013

Harley is feelin' gnarley!

I almost didn't get a ride in today, but since daylight lasts until 7:30 now, I was able to throw the tack on Harley and get in a short ride while the sun still shone. The wind was blowing leaves and hay around in the barnyard, and Harley wasn't willing to stand still in the cross ties. This was an indicator of what our ride was going to be like--bouncy!

As I turned down the road, I could see his left ear swiveling to the side, and he was carrying his head with the "I'm going to go left" tilt. I think he was remembering the turkey incident. So rather than face a battle, I turned him up the power line. We still encountered spots of deep snow and large puddles which he bravely stepped through. But Harley was on full alert today--large rocks, stumps, trees, and of course, people on the trail were giving him the willies. We wandered around a bit, enough to let him settle, or so I thought. The minute we turned for home, he stepped right out and gladly trotted when I asked. Enough snow and ice have disappeared on much of the Orris Falls trail to get in some good trots. I was a bit reluctant to get a canter going, given how strong he was feeling, but I did have the snaffle bridle on today. I think braking power helped make the ride a bit smoother--he's notorious for sticking his nose out when I've got the bitless on! Harley trotted back up the road, didn't spook at the turkeys, and was overall, a good boy until I rode behind the barn. Then all hell broke loose--he spooked and went right, then spooked again at who knows what. Just as we rounded the corner of the barn, he spooked again, tucking his butt, like a grizzly was after him! What a ridiculous ending to our ride.

Harley safe in his stall where the grizzlies won't find him--but he's watching...


  1. Your Photo Of Harley, It's Stunning.
    Wow, That Was Very Intuitive Riding... He's Like Mine Sometimes , Kinda Explosive. Very God Job!

    I Recently Watched A Video
    About Spooky
    Horses...Nothing Real
    Surprising In The Tips, But
    A Confirmation On Being
    Proactive In Leadership,
    And MOre Contact.
    Even Though Behind The
    Barn It Fell Apart,I Thought
    It Wise That You Used
    You're Snaffle.

    I Had A Spill( Very ScArey)
    More Like A Spook
    "jettison" . Haven't Had An X
    Ray, But Hoping It's Just
    Whip Lash I'm
    Experiencing. Went For Examination Today, Go Back Next Week.
    Hope To Post Tomorrow.

    I Thought Of You, The Entire Walk Back To The Stable.

    1. Oh no--hope you're ok! Sounds like one of Harley's moves; a spook jettison. It wasn't too far a walk, was it? I think everyone is feeling their spring fever!

  2. Well, I've Got Whip Lash. My Shoulder Is Toast.

    It Was The Surprise Casting (He Was Hidden, Out Of Sight) Of A Fly Fisherman. Felt Like Slow Motion(2 Seconds), Till I Was Picking Myself Up.

    The Mare Waited For Me! We Walked 2 Mi.

    1. Two miles! Ouch :-( Hope you are ok.

    2. Shoulder is toast? Hope you didn't do rotator cuff damage-it takes a while to heal! At least Wa mare waited for you and didn't boogie on home like someone I know!

  3. It's probably Spring Fever, L! I've no idea what my pair are going to be like when we get going. One positive about the LSH losing his job is that he's available to ride now, but the weather has been awful, very very wet here for the last week. Flurry of course is plastered in thick black mud :-(

    1. Definitely spring fever--everyone is jumpy and rarin' to go, from the minute you turn them out until dinner.


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