Friday, November 2, 2012

What a month it has been

Halawa Moon, aka Gnarley, Snarley, or Harley,
October flew by with so many obstacles jumping in my path. I'm ready for a clean slate with no more problems--a smooth sailing November with more riding than the last month offered, a new barn floor, a non-problematic septic system (composting toilets are the way to go!), a sounder shoulder, no more hurricanes, electricity in the barn, and a fully functional car. Oh, and Obama still sitting in the White House. This past month added way too much stress to my already crazy life. I'm looking forward to a long weekend over Veteran's Day. But I know how it will go--I'll still be up at 6 a.m., toodling out to the barn to feed, day off or not.

Daily visits are a must for me. I like to give everyone the once over and make sure they've not scratched, kicked, nicked, or bruised themselves out there. If there ever was a reason for a padded suit--these horses are it! Storm or not, we still were down to one sound horse a week ago.  We hadn't made any plans to ride in the November S.M.A.R.T. ride after Harley's performance last year! He'd have to hack there and home, plus do the 12+ mile ride. He probably could manage it, the bugger, but since he's just recovered from his banged knee, I don't want to put too much stress on it. Rolex Girl (our tough little OTTB brumby) could probably do it to, but I think we'll pass this year and just have a nice ride to get the kinks out (of which Harley has many!) after not being ridden for over a week.

A VERY puffy and knobby knee
Harley managed to do something to one of his knees. It was hot and puffy, like he'd knocked it or been kicked. Cold hosing and bute mixed in with my homemade cardamom apple butter seemed to clear it up over time. Mr. Knobby Knees always looks lumpy and swollen. I don't know if this is post knee surgery scar tissue or what. His knees aren't pretty, but he's sound, except when he gets into trouble and whacks himself.

And then our girl Ruffy, managed to scrape a hind leg along the suspensory and cut the inside of her fetlock. I have no idea what she was up to. John thinks she did it on the fence. Regardless, we were down to one sound horse and too many things to get done around the barn and the house as winter looms ahead. So they've all been having fun being lawn ornaments and watching the hunters troupe up and down the power line. Oh, and yes, deer season is in full swing, so if it ain't Sunday, you must bedeck yourself AND your horse in blaze orange!

Ruffy's swollen leg
So our mollycoddled gang have had time to heal. The barn is awaiting new concrete footings to be poured and composite beams to be delivered. I'll be happy to see things get rolling on that front. The horses have been stars dealing with the changes---coming up the ramp and entering through the narrow cow door. Harley, always the first to spot something different, is still not happy about seeing that hole in the front. Today I bought yet another leather crown piece for his halter. He's trashed two so far when he suddenly decides he can't stand looking at the funky barn entrance and freaks out. He's been relegated to his stall for grooming unless I have John there to hold him. I don't like these cross-tie freakouts which I'm afraid could become a problem. So rather than get him stressed, I'll avoid the situation until the barn resembles something he's used to before we try the cross ties again.

So much for October--let's move on to November!


  1. Do your hunters not shoot on Sundays? Sundays are the worst day here, every man with a dog and a gun will be out traipsing through the woods looking for deer or wild boar. I think if we stick to the trails we're unlikely to get shot, as Sunday is also the day that a large portion of the French population decides to go hiking or cycling. However that means the trails are very busy!

  2. Yup, no hunting in Maine on Sundays! Love that law. So there were trucks parked everywhere at 7 a.m. today! And I had to stop while 3 does got out of the middle of the road. Smart deer, hanging out in a development where they're safe.

  3. No hunting here on Sundays either! Thank goodness--I don't like the hunters in the woods. And the hurricane? Good grief, what else? Oh yes, a Nor'easter. Sorry to hear about Ruffy's leg. The picture does indeed look impressive, I wonder what happened. If only we could have little camera on them all the time. Then we'd know. Apple cardamom butter? Almost makes a puffy knee worth it! Good ole Maine! I never get tired reading about it.


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