Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our soap opera saga continues...

Mr. Fuzzy looking for carrots
Still no floor, nor electricity at the barn, but John's car is back in working order. This, after I had to tow him into the parking lot at work Wednesday night, just as our first Nor'easter began, with snow swirling in the headlights. He drove to work that day, only to have the car die mere yards from work. Turns out it just needed a fuel injector fuse. So that was good news, and he got it back tonight!

But on the down side, Harley managed to cut his hind leg. There I was, cleaning hooves in the dark, by headlamp Thursday night when I noticed the swelling and blood. Oh man, just what I needed. So I cleaned it off and applied Vetrimycin (works exceptionally well!), knowing I'd at least be able to see it in the light of day on Friday morning.

By today, the swelling was nearly all gone and it looked much better, but rather than ride, he got a thorough brushing. Because naturally, once I put them out Friday morning, after the snow and rain, they had a good gallop, followed by a mud roll. And now that Harley's getting good and fuzzy, it takes that much more to work the dirt from his coat. He's living up to John's pet name--Fuzzy Bastard (meant in an endearing way). So I took each horse out of the field to give them the once over. Thankfully, nobody else had new injuries!

When I got home and tried washing my hands, I realized the hot water tank is either dying, or dead. Oh yeah, another problem. In order to shower, we heated water on the stove and filled the MSR Dromedary bag. This item has been a life saver for power outages (like the infamous ice storm of 2008 when we had no power for 5 days), and now, when I have no hot water! So I'm heating water on the wood stove to wash tonight's dishes, and it's a long weekend--no help until Tuesday...our saga continues...barn disaster, earthquake, hurricane, septic issues, nor'easter, hot water tanks....ENOUGH, I say!


  1. OMG it sounds almost like a desert island scenario at your house.

    PS Harley is not so fuzzy, I must post a photo of Flurry where his clip ends and his 1 inch thick normal coat begins!

    1. He will get a bit fuzzier, and by December he will probably need a blanket. No, he isn't as fuzzy as Flurry, and he never gets a 'tache', although he might wish he did by the dead of winter! :)


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