Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Harley takes the lead!

Harley likes being in the front, he just wasn't able to stay there long enough to be a winner at the track. But he was stellar on Sunday when he led Nina (the horse John is schooling) out on a trail ride. When she first caught sight of him, she whinnied, more than happy to trail along with his company. Both horses proved skittish crossing some mucky water and going into Knight's Pond. Nina proved braver than Harley; he needed a few smacks and Nina out front to cave in and get wet. Of course, there was some tooth grinding, but he eventually realized the pond wouldn't swallow him.

We parted company about half way, John riding Nina back, and Harley happy to be heading home. He briefly realized Nina wasn't along and paused a few times, then decided, "Ah, the heck with her, I'm going home."

I rode down familiar trails I hadn't ridden in about a year. What a difference this time! All those puddles that Harley refused to go in before, he gallantly paddled through without a twitch. He had a few "hard looks", not really spooks, at some stumps and large rocks, the usual "monsters", but was awesome the whole way home. What a big brave boy, Harley!

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