Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another rainy week ahead...and Harley's Big Ride!

John has dodged raindrops all week in an attempt to keep Harley's exercise regimen on course. They are registered for Harley's first organized trail ride this coming Sunday. Since we don't have a trailer, John will have to add an extra few miles to the planned 15 mile ride. I'm the support system and chief groom. This will be a proving ground for Harley--how he goes with a large group of horses, none from his herd! His conditioning and stamina should be fine for this ride--John gets to be the guinea pig jockey!

Harley seems happy with the bitless bridle John bought. In fact, he seems more relaxed--no grinding jaws when he's agitated. I'm anxious to see how Harley does and have crossed my fingers for this cold rainy weather to break. The forecast is hot and sunny, which also means the bugs will be back!

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