Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Where is winter?

With no snow in sight, and 50 degree days, the riding remains awesome for December. After last year's winter, this reprieve is much appreciated, but how long will it last? Are ice storms waiting to descend on us in the following weeks? The horses are still finding grass to nibble on and that has reduced the amount of hay they usually consume this time of year in the pasture. I only refill the hay wheelie bins once they are depleted, and that seems to be no more than every 2 to 3 days!

We spent most of Saturday putting up our new shelter canopy after the old one wore out. Thankfully, it was covered under Shelter Logic's warranty, but we decided to upgrade to heavier fabric this time around. Before the sun went down, we got in a little ride with Rolex and Harley. It seems I've been too busy doing maintenance to get in much riding and I forget how quickly darkness descends after 4 o'clock!

Ruffy had a long lining lesson with John last weekend. Although she hasn't been exercised much over the last few months, she did quite well--only a few little hissy fits. John has hopes of tracking down a harness that will fit our girl so her driving training can continue. Of course, we'll need to find some kind of conveyance as well, but we haven't reached that step yet. Stay tuned for more on driving adventures!

I am attempting to continue No-Stirrup November with each ride whenever possible. Other riders posted this as a goal, and they inspired me to do the same--an achievable goal, providing Harley's of the right frame of mind!


  1. Hi sweetie! 🐴🐴🐴
    I popped over from INSTAGRAM. That's all I've done for a few years,since my PBO went all control freak/bully on me. I stored writing on the blog. Sad. But now I've left that stable. So I may begin again, but blogger has blocked me, so I may have to begin w a new site. I'll let you know.
    Love Ruff in this pic, beautiful.
    Happy New Year's

    1. Keep in touch--I've lost a few people--maybe they too ran into Blogger problems and went to Instagram. I keep my writing on flash drives so it can't get swallowed by cyberspace. Considering my own web page to do what I want, but not up to speed. Oh well!


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