Saturday, July 4, 2015

I asked my horse to take a walk...

Just a walk, just a little way....
So we got a late start this morning and didn't mount up until 10:30 or so. But after spending my entire yesterday walking the pastures in the sun (and getting quite the burn), whacking weeds while my father mowed, my body wasn't responding quickly. The overcast skies and thick, muggy air didn't motivate me quite like the previous day's sunny, breezy weather.

Today called for full bug protection for horse and rider; long sleeves for me and fly hood for Harley. This picture was taken about half way into our ride where we encountered the ever-expanding quarry.

Our previous route disappeared, so we tried following the new roadbed only to encounter a bank of rip-rap.

Our options were to turn back and try to find another route, or get off and let the horses carefully scramble over the rocks. I was so proud of Rolex for following John and of Harley for keeping cool and not clambering through at speed. Pats and carrots for all!

Things went sour when we encountered the grumpy relative of a landowner that was not pleased we were riding on her mother-in-law's property "because the horses churn everything up". Since we were walking, the horses' hooves did minimal damage. John introduced us and our horses, but she obviously had no interest, and told us we needed permission. She told us to call her husband who "would probably say no" to our riding along the edge of the property. I asked if we could just walk by today and not trespass again. She grudgingly relented, but I think we'll avoid their land from now on--not worth the hassle, even if we did get permission for the actual landowner, the mother-in-law!

Harley picked up his pace, prancing along, happy to leave her behind and head for home. Tomorrow is another day for another adventure, on another route.

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