Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow now as high as a giraffe's eye?

 We received another foot (or so) of snow today. I can't really tell with the wind blowing so hard. Put it this way, by the time I went to bring the horses in, the bottom of the gate was nearly buried and I was thigh deep in a drift. Luckily work was closed today. I was able to get the horses blanketed and turned out by 8:30--Rolex was rarin' to go as usual--and then got the stalls cleaned and haynets re-stuffed. Then I picked up some more rice bran and balancer before heading home for dry clothes and a bite to eat. The temperature was only 8 degrees by the time I was ready to head back to the barn at 1:30. I figured the horses would be ready to come in out of the gale.

Harley sporting his Shires Typhoon blanket and snow-tipped ears
Sure enough, Ruffy raced to the gate, glad to come in out of the weather. We don't usually blanket, but with the 20 to 30 mph winds and snow, I figured they'd weather the storm better in blankets, especially since our little shelter really can only fit 3 horses that get along! Vance doesn't like to share the space well, which leaves poor Ruffy out in the cold. Next storm like this, Vancey-pants is staying inside so no one is left out. They cleaned up most of the hay, and no one was overheated or damp, so I think I called it correctly.

Saturday, despite the howling winds, we finally threw our legs over our steeds--the first time in about a month. John wanted to let them rip in the pasture, but I was afraid it would turn into a buckfest, despite the 2 foot plus snowdrifts. Plus, the wind was brutal on my ears. John has the answer for winter riding--a ski helmet! It covers your ears--perfect!

So, off to Orris Falls we went, following a snowshoe trail. The Great Works Land Trust was leading a guided hike which offered a semi-broken trail until they veered off to the beaver pond. Rolex started to follow their path! We got in a nice canter/gallop early on which took the starch out of them nicely. 

But once we left the snowshoed trail, the work got harder for our steeds. We rode out to Emery's Bridge Road and had a road walk home. It was our longest ride this winter, but I was happy to see that neither horse got very sweaty, just a little near the front of the saddle and under their girth. They've stayed in good shape this winter. Maybe we'll get in some skijoring this weekend!

Here's a little movie John took of Harley and me in nearly belly-deep snow, having an awesome time:

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