Thursday, August 21, 2014

We gotta get out of this place....

The search continues for our own mini-farm, but given that our corner of Maine is considered part of the greater metro-Boston commuter area, the pricing is not in our favor. Property taxes in New Hampshire exceed the combined property and income tax rate in Maine, leaving me with even fewer properties to consider. Since rural New Hampshire towns have little business to spread out the tax burden, the local governments gouge property owners. We currently have the horses at a great location, near lots of trails and conservation land, but it would be so much easier, and pleasing, to have them at our own place. Our hunt continues while I try to maintain optimism.

I'd love to find something close to our hay suppliers--poor John had to drive a hay wagon from the farm to our barn--a white-knuckling trip with south-bound summer tourists trying to pass the entire way. Cool as a cucumber, but visibly spent by the end of the drive, I'm pretty darn lucky he was willing to make the trip! Then we had to muscle down the hay conveyer from up in the loft. 153 bales later, in the dark, with the dew beginning to fall, we left the barn at 9:15 p.m. Exhausted after Saturday's load (76 bales) and the night's workout, we headed home knowing we had to return by 5:30 the next morning to drive the hay wagon back, and make it to work by 8:30 a.m. But having a barn full of hay is like having your wood split and stacked for the winter. The old saying "wood warms you thrice: cut it, stack it, then burn it" holds a similar truth, only it warms you and your horses! Another load with the same amount and we'll all be set for winter.

Rolex Girl, the diva, getting ready for a ride.

On the brighter side, we've had a week of wonderful riding weather. Cool temperatures have kept the bugs at bay, allowing pleasant rides even in the woods! Nippy mornings sent me scurrying for a sweatshirt when I first stepped outside. The horses are loving it--less stamping and swishing. As an aside, has anyone tried using the leg wraps for insects? Would love some feedback on successes and failures.

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  1. I am always leaving my comments before I sign in so my comments are always lost in cyberspace! BUT! What I was saying was that looking for horse property sounds fun AND stressful. I hope you will be able to focus more on the fun aspects of it. I love dreaming about having my own tract of land and have my own horse on it, running in a pasture, nibbling grasses and carrying me around the trail before I have to go to work. I hope you are able to stay in Maine. It is truly a wonderful state. Southern Maine simply cannot be beat. It has a little bit of everything. So good luck to you! Maybe you can give that saint that helps people find lost things a shout out.
    Glad to learn Brandon and kestrel and I are not the only ones gobbling up black trumpets. Because I personally feel they look very creepy....


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