Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Solstice!

Happy solstice to my fellow bloggers. Aren't the long evenings just wonderful? We didn't leave the barn until after 8:00 last night, and the skyline treated us to a lovely sunset. These are the nights we crave long about February when the winds howl and snow piles up to our ears!

We had a fun time messing around with the horses Saturday evening. I think Harley's personality is revealing itself more each year. With his herd of girls, and a relaxed lifestyle, I think he's happy; happy to not be at the track any longer, happy to not be school horse, pounding around a ring, and happy to have room to run--when he's in the mood. Here he is, stealing John's baseball cap. "What, no carrots in your pocket? Well here's the next best thing. Gimme that!"

"Ha, that was fun, maybe I'll do it again! What do you think, Ruffy? Want to try?"

Today I took Harley on a solo ride. Everything was going well, aside from the occasional start at a squirrel, until we reached the road to North Point. I'm not sure if he was scared of the non-visible barking dog, or the woman working in the yard. But whatever it was, he pulled his head up like a giraffe and would not budge except in reverse! Then a large horse trailer and pickup appeared. The driver saw my dancing horse and slowed down, giving me time to get Harley out of the road. I jumped off and waved her on--I didn't want to hold her up. She asked me, "Do you board here?" I told her, "No, he's just scared of something up there and wants to go home."

After a number of hard stares, Mr. Spookypants found the gumption to follow me down the road, past all the scary stuff until I could find a stump for a mounting block. We had a lovely rest of the ride with some nice trotting, a little cantering, and a wee jump. Oh, and he missed the deer off to his left--silly guy! Here's a short video clip

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  1. lazy hazy crazy days of summer!
    It's just a pity you have to spend time de-cluttering your home. I know what that's like! (and I hope John is more useful than George!!)


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