Thursday, April 19, 2012

Monday, Monday, so good to me...

Snack time!
The heat wave continued on Monday, so the horses were, again, in lollygag mode. Who could blame them? Even Rolex, who usually will step right out, followed along by Harley's flank, rubbing her sweating head on him. I couldn't blame them--I felt the same way. We took many short breaks for carrots, and I even walked Harley up a steep section of the trail. The horses have nearly lost all their winter fuzz, but not entirely, making them sweat even sooner in the heat. Since carrots and apples are good for replacing electrolytes, we try to always have some along for the ride, especially during the hot months. And with the bitless bridles, it's easier for them to chew!

Some of the spring wildflowers are appearing: delicate white wood anenomes, bright yellow marsh marigolds, and the swamps and swales are greening up with carpets of skunk cabbage. The deciduous forest is finally getting a light blush as the maple flowers and red oak leaves open. A tinge of pale green suggests a tree canopy on the verge of unfurling its leaves.

We rode up through Orris Falls and out to Tatnic where there are trails with lovely footing. Harley, usually keen to stay right behind Rolex, didn't even feel like catching up. As long as he had her within eye contact, that was fine. John had a little canter and I think I had a total of three brief trots--just too dang hot! Back at the barn, both horses got a nice bath and time out on the "steak lawn", munching down as much green grass as they could. Rain is  heading our way at last--that should really green everything up quickly.

Mr. Clean Jeans

With the long daylight hours, it means we're now eating dinner between 8 and 9 p.m. Yes, the days can be long with 3 horses to care for and exercise, but I'm making up for lost time. Those 30+ years  between college and the present, when I yearned for a horse, are now being crammed into my waking hours not spent at work or doing chores around the house. Yes, I'm tired at the end of the day, but the horses enrich my life that much more. And having a partner that shares that passion makes me all the luckier. The only frustrations are not having the horses on our property, and middle aged stiffness! We got off to walk them down the road and looked like a couple of geriatric cowboys hobbling up the road.  "Slow down Rolex and Harley!  We can't walk that fast yet--need to get our land legs!" Man oh man, to think I used to spend nearly all day in the saddle as a summer counselor! Anyone got tips on how to regain that suppleness?


  1. Great ride and warm temperatures. Harley, aka, Mr. Clean Jeans looks gorgeous! I totally hear you about everything - cramming horses into every free second, frustration of not having horses on my own property (three miles away now) and middle age stiffness! Running helps me stay fit for riding, but the only down side is now that I am older, running too far makes me tired the rest of the day and I only end up riding one horse instead of three. On days I don't run, I have enough energy to ride three, but I am stiff from not running! You just can't win! Ugh! Enjoy the sweet horses!

  2. You may have a lot on your plate but allow me to say this: your post was so life affirming, and also made me personally feel justified for 1) lollygagging (my speed of choice!) and 2) feeding apples and carrots on the trail! So even if you feel crazy tired your posts come across very heavenly. interestingly, I also eat that late every night. It's the time that works best for me and also makes me feel very French. I LOVE that you have a partner that loves riding like you do. Three cheers for you and your horses! You are living the dream, no matter how tired you feel. Besides, who wants to crawl into bed bursting with energy? Like cash, energy is for spending!


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