Saturday, December 10, 2011

A cold windy day for a ride

I whistled for Harley to come up, and of course, the whole gang came with him. Then something spooked the herd and the girls took off back down to the field. Harley stood undecided until he heard my crunch on a carrot.

When we reached the barn door, he snorted at the upended wheelbarrow I had drying in the sun. And then he would only nibble on his grain as he paced back and forth, back and forth, peering out the barn at passing traffic, noises from next door, blowing leaves...whatever. I thought, "Oh boy, this should be a good ride. But this time, last year, I probably would have chickened out and asked John to school him first.  Once I had him tacked up, I rode out back, deciding a little flat work might be good to get the vinegar out of him. He was actually, very good. Oh the trots got a little quick and he tried once to head back to the barn, but on a whole, he did very well, listening to my legs and seat.  We had some nice canters, and on the correct leads, I might add. He was such a good boy, he deserved a little walk in the woods before it got too dark!

Back at the barn, Harley finished his snack, snug in his cooler, while I got the girls' stalls ready. They will be in tonight--it's a full moon and the temperature is dropping down into the teens. Tomorrow, highs in the 30's. More fun riding!

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  1. Good for you tacking up and riding even when Harley was slightly on edge. I love that he came up to you and stayed when the herd left. Carrots are Harley's best friend! Great ride and glad you fit in a little woods too. Perfect.


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